Upcoming Events

D-SITE will present research results at the CABERNET 4th International Conference on Managing Urban Land 2014 in Frankfurt, 14-16th October 2014:
Tool-assisted design and comparative evaluation of sustainable land use alternatives for brownfield redevelopment, Michael Finkel, Maximilian Morio, Sebastian Schädler, Stephan Bartke, Dragos Gaitanaru, Leonard Anghel
See more about the event here.

8 November 2013

Paper accepted in Journal of Environmental Management

Read more: 8 November 2013

17 June 2014

Michael Finkel held a lecture at ADVOCATE/LIAISE/TIMBRE Summer School "Building interdisciplinary tools for long-term contaminated site management" in Leipzig, Germany, 17 June 2014.
Follow this link to see the lecture.

21 to 26 April 2013

D-SITE has presented research outcomes at 8th IAHS International Groundwater Quality Conference (GQ13), April 21-26, Gainesville (Florida):
Design and Evaluation of Mixed Land-use Options for Sustainable Brownflield Development, Michael Finkel, Sebastian Schädler, Maximilian Morio

23 May 2014

Results of research and tool development on the assessment of sustainability of borwnfield reuse options have been presented at the 40th meeting of the working group 'Innovative Erkundungs-, Sanierungs- und Überwachungsmethoden' in Stuttgart, Germany, on 23 May 2014.
Follow this link to see the presentation.
See more about the working group here.

16 to 19 April 2013

D-SITE has presented research outcomes in 4 presentations at AquaConsoil 2013, April 16-19, Barcelona:

  • Applying stakeholder-based spatially explicit multi-criteria optimization for creation of sustainable and cost-beneficial brownfield re-use visions, Maximilian Morio, Sebastian Schädler, Michael Finkel in Thematic Session E4 Resource efficiency
  • Read more: 16 to 19 April 2013

19 March 2014

TIMBRE web-based Site Assessment Tool (SAT) has been presented at 60th meeting of ITVA expert committee 'Land Recycling' in Fulda, 19 March 2014.

For information about SAT follow this link.

Read more: 19 March 2014

5 March 2013

D-SITE demonstrated the Megasite Management Toolsuite at TIMBRE Evaluation and Training event “Integrated Planning and Assessment of Land Re-Use” in Zielona Góra, Poland, 5th March 2013.
See more about the Megasite management Toolsuite here.

11 March 2014

D-SITE runs workshop "Site Assessment and Planning Tools - with a focus on the TIMBRE Web-based Site Assessment and Planning Tool (SAT)" in Bucharest at the Technical University of Civil Engineering.

16 January 2013

D-SITE's publication ‘Integrated planning and spatial evaluation of megasite remediation and reuse options’ in Journal of Contaminant Hydrology' has been selected for inclusion in Science for Environment Policy, the European Commission's environmental news service for policy makers.

Read more: 16 January 2013