Internet-Presentation of the D-SITE Working Group
at the Center of Applied Geoscience, University of Tübingen

The D-Site working group was established in 1998 at the Department for Applied Geology
which has now incorporated in the Center for Applied Geoscience.
The need of cost-effective technologies for clean-up or at least control of groundwater
contaminations is the omnipresent driving force of the activities of the D-Site team.
Our aim is to support decision makers by providing know-how and appropriate software tools
in order to enable a comprehensible, transparent and efficient decision process that results
in the selection and application of optimal designed remediation technologies.
We wish to actively support the protection of the environment by seeking solutions that
minimise the consumption of both financial as well as natural resources.
For us, sound decision support indispensably requires to consider all relevant processes
and relationships that govern the system the decision has to made for. As the challenge of
groundwater remediation implies to cope with a broad spectrum of tasks from various disciplines,
our activities cover a broad range of topics (mathematical modelling, hydrogeology, geostatistics,
hydrogeochemistry, economics, and optimisation methods).