Research Activities

Our current research activities are focused on the development integrated model-based spatial planning and assessment tools in order to contribute to the reduction of land take through the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields. The major objective is to provide appropriate assessment methods that are coherently integrated within GIS-based desktop as well as web-based spatial planning tools shall help to find optimal (economically attractive and sustainable) land re-use options. Please see subsection Land Management for more details about the objectives, methodology and outcomes of the research.

Further research is directed to diverse topics in water management, namely to the development of system dynamics models for human health risk assessment due to water contaminations, to the development and application of novel modelling approaches for predicting the chemical release into groundwater and their subsequent transport, and to assessing and design groundwater remediation and water management measures (see subsection Water Management for more details).

In order to promote our research and to provide solutions that are not only 'research' but practical tools, we invest a lot of time to integrate environmental, technical, economic, and socio-economic models in user-friendly GUI-driven decision support tools (see more information under Software Development.

When dealing with the design of management strategies and engineered systems where numerous managerial or technical design parameters need to be determined it is evident that optimisation is a key element for any decision support system. Research on Optimisation Methods in order to develop intelligent, robust and computationally efficient tools that assists our work is therefore compulsory.

An important issue that has to be considered whenever a decision is to make on what management strategy or technology should be applied is the fact that the decision is inevitably based on uncertain or incomplete information. Consequently the results of any work that intends to support decision makers must reveal the reliability associated to the results obtained. In this line our activities cover also so-called Data Worth Analyses.