Megasite Management Toolsuite


Sites previously used for commercial, industrial, mining or military purposes are frequently beset by high levels of complex contamination. Since they are regarded as problematic, many have become brownfields and have been abandoned for years or even decades, impeding the development of the surrounding area. However, a large number of such megasites could be sustainably revitalised if potential re-use options could be assessed taking into account the interests of all stakeholders, and if the risks could be quantified. To achieve these aims, the Megasite Management Toolsuite (MMT) has been developed by researchers from the D-SITE team and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in conjunction with scientific associates and government representatives.

The MMT aids and simplifies the integrated planning and assessment of possible redevelopment options. A number of networked modules linked to a geographic information system make up an intuitive decision support system which provides the standardised, objective and spatial findings needed to take sound decisions.

MMT takes into account all the aspects which are essential for planning and weighing up alternative uses, namely:

  • Risk prevention
  • Sustainability
  • Clean-up costs
  • Market value

Application of the MMT highlights economically attractive, sustainable ways in which megasites can be redeveloped in accordance with existing guidelines and regulations.

The software can be used in English or German language.

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MMT Tutorials

See the following tutorials to learn more about the MMT:

Further tutorials, also in english, will be added soon.